Almost exactly a year ago, when the Rocklands once again moved into the media focus. It was Nalle Hukkataival who announced the first ascent of South Africa's heaviest boulder (The Finnish Line). What is less well known: the Finn opened up an entire sector with the support of local and international athletes.

Nalle Hukkataival spent at least one month each year in South Africa over the past ten years. Many will think that Nalle would be a professional athlete day out of bouldering only, good food and drinking wine properly in the evening. None. For several hours and days, the Finn invested in the creation of paths, the optimization of jumping-off grounds and the removal of vegetation. Hard work with a result that will be enjoyed by many boulders: a new sector with the name The realm.

The development of the sector The Realm - Rocklands

During the development of The realm the novel Nalle from the photographer Kevin Takashi Smith accompanied. The result is a film with impressive lines on the orange-red rock that we all adore.

Credits: picture Kevin Takashi Smith

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