Jakob Schubert can look back on a successful year. Among other things, he succeeded in the Flash ascent of the Magic Wood classic The Never Ending Story (8b +). Here is the video of the impressive ascent.

For Jakob Schubert is the flash ascent of The Never Ending Story one of the big highlights of the year. Never before him. could someone climb this long and difficult boulder flash style.

What I will definitely remember is the flash ascent of 'Neverending Story' in spring. This 8B + boulder was opened 17 years ago and I had planned to flash it for a long time.

Jakob Schubert

Also in Magic Wood Jakob could do the 8c boulder La Force Tranquille climb. At the photo session the following day, he then quickly climbed the direct exit from the line, which he also rated 8c. The numerous other inspections that Jakob Schubert presents in uncut form in the following video are no less impressive.

Boulders that appear in the video:

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Credits: Cover picture Jakob Schubert