In Ticino, Jonas Winter succeeds in repeating the 8c-Boulder Dreamtime in Cresciano and La Rustica in Val Bavona. The first ascent of The Portal 8b/+ has also been on his tick list since the beginning of February. The inspections of the strong German can now also be admired as a video.

With the inspection of the Fred Nicole classic Dreamtime crowned on December 31, 2021 Jonas Winter a successful climbing year. And even in 2022 he has not remained idle. It wasn't long ago that Jonas Winter made the First Ascent of Stairway to heaven sit (8b+) talk about themselves on the Gotthard Pass. Shortly thereafter, he succeeded in Val Bavona all trains from La Rustica (8c) to line up.

La Rustica has kept me busy since I first saw Jimmy Webb's video of the first ascent a few years ago.

Jonas Winter

Jonas Winter describes La Rustica as one of the most inspiring and aesthetic lines he has climbed to date. "This line has bothered me since I first saw Jimmy Webb's video of his first ascent a few years ago." Winter says it feels so good to have a happy ending to his La Rustica story.

Jonas Winter in the overhanging start of his first ascent The Portal (8b / +).

But it was about to get even better. In the same Ticino trip he was able to climb a boulder for the first time, which he had discovered years before and woken from its slumber: The Portal (8b/+).

Video edit of Jonas Winter's most recent ascents

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Credit: Images Jonas Winter