Local climbers Chad Greedy and Isabelle Faus found a new block a few months ago in The Flatirons Bouldering, Colorado. It was not long before Paul Robinson and other strong American boulderers took on the problem. On the 9. In January, Paul Robinson managed the first ascent.

The ice cold temperatures in The Flatirons in Colorado did not keep Paul Robinson, Daniel Woods and other ambitious aspirants for the first ascent of a project from bouldering. Everyone was always close to the boardwalk, but the certain something was missing. Until the 7. January, when Paul Robinson reported: "Yes! Managed to make the first ascent of La Plancha yesterday. It is so rad to see new lines in a state where we already have so many incredible established lines. The line is similar to the infamous "bugeleisen" in Austria and is shaped like that of an iron. "Paul Robinson suggests 8b + as his rating.

Second and third inspections followed a few days later

For a long time the other contenders did not wait for the successful ascent. Just a few days later, Daniel Woods announced that he and Matt Fultz managed to get through. The Boulder counts so far three inspections.

Video about the first ascent of La Plancha by Paul Robinson

Video about the Walk of La Plancha by Daniel Woods and Matt Fulth

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Credits: picture Kateřina Brouzdová


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