The Swiss Petra Klingler is moving into the combined final at the Sport Climbing World Championships in Hachioji (JPN) and takes her Olympic ticket for the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo at the first opportunity. Jessica Pilz missed the final of the combined classification, but - after carefully studying the regulations - secured the last of the seven Olympic tickets that will be awarded in Tokyo.

On Sunday morning the combination competition of the best 20 athletes started with the discipline Speed. Petra Klingler climbed fast and thanks to a time of 9.201 seconds occupied the 8. Intermediate place. Only 30 minutes later, the Boulder qualification was on the program and the 20 athletes expected four boulder problems. Klingler, who had regained the joy of climbing after a tough start to the World Cup, stood up self-confidently and topped off the first three Boulders right away. The fourth and last problem, she needed three attempts, but also for this found the 2016 World Champion a solution. Thanks to this excellent performance, she was third in bouldering, taking the 8. Intermediate rank in the combination ranking.

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After a two-hour break, the athletes competed for the third and final discipline, lead climbing. A very long-lasting route was to climb the 12 meter high wall. The Zurich resident was the third athlete and showed a strong performance, whose value at that time was still difficult to assess. For them, the competition was over and it began the anxious wait for the final result. To calculate this, the ranks of the three individual disciplines were multiplied.

Only after the last athlete was it clear that Klingler thanks to the 4. Intermediate rank had reached the final combination. At the same time she secured herself under consideration of the qualification criteria of one of the first seven Olympic tickets for the summer games 2020 in Tokyo.

"There is a fireworks in my head right now! It's just amazing. I can not really believe it yet. I know it was enough, but the emotions are still spinning completely. "

Petra Klingler

Overcome by her emotions, the Zurich resident accepted countless congratulations from her team and climbing colleagues. “I was finally able to climb freely again. After the somewhat unsuccessful World Cup start, I was able to flip the switch from yesterday to today. That was extremely important, ”says the overjoyed Petra Klingler.

With today's result in the combination Petra Klingler wrote Swiss sports history. As soon as Swiss Olympic confirms its starting position, Switzerland will be represented at the Olympic premiere of sport climbing next summer. Not only for the athlete, but also for the coaches and officials then a big dream becomes reality.

More complex situation with Jessica Pilz

Jessica mushroom missed the final and thus the immediate Olympic qualification. Immediately because, due to the final constellation with four Japanese women, an adjusted top 7 result would have been fixed immediately. This is how the careful study of the complex Olympic qualification procedure began for Austria's staff. After intensive study and reinsurance with the officials of the world association, it soon became clear that Pilz had secured the seventh and last Olympic ticket to be awarded during this World Cup.

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"I can not believe it right now, it feels a bit unreal. Maybe because I still have to wait for the written confirmation. That was a roller coaster ride of emotions today. I gave everything and delivered really well in all three disciplines. The fact that we had to resort to the passage of time to divide our athletes apart is extremely bitter and should not happen in such an important competition. This was not a highlight of the route builders. If you climb three times well and it looks like it was all for nothing at first, that's extremely hard. But it looks like a happy ending, so much the better! "

Jessica mushroom

Combination Final on Tuesday, 20. August
Together with the top athletes Shauna Coxey (GBR), Janja Garnbret (SLO), Akiyo Noguchi (JPN), Ai Mori (JPN), Futaba Ito (JPN), Aleksandra Miroslav (POL) and Miho Nonaka (JPN) denies the Swiss Petra Klingler next Tuesday, 20. August the final combination final. The live stream of the finals is available here..

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