Today Wednesday (12.9.), The men in bouldering competed for the semi-finals. Defending champion Tomoa Narasaki and Boulder Overall World Cup winner Jernej Kruder won the qualification. Austria is represented in the semi-final with Florian Klingler (AUT) and Jakob Schubert (AUT) and Germany with Jan Hojer. Sascha Lehmann narrowly missed the step into the semi-finals with the 11. Space.

High temperatures and really demanding boulder: As with the qualification of the ladies the day before the conditions demanded the men in the climbing center Innsbruck from everything. In two starter groups 151 (!) Athletes fought for only 20 semi-final places. With Rei Sugimoto (JPN), Alex Khazanov (ISR), Alex Megos (GER) eliminated several final candidates in the preliminary round.

Alternating bath of emotions for Schubert

The focus was on lead world champion Jakob Schubert down to business. Vadim Timonov was subsequently recognized as a zone-grab, whereupon Schubert slipped from rank 10 to rank 11 because the Russian had made one less attempt for his top. National coach Roman Krajnik then submitted an appeal. After the jury had studied the video recordings, the objection was granted.

Adam Ondra occupies the 4. Place in his group and thus moves into the semifinals.
Adam Ondra occupies the 4. Place in his group and thus moves into the semifinals.

Jakob Schubert thanks to the decision in the semifinals

With it stood Jakob Schubert in the semifinals. “Today I experienced a real rollercoaster of emotions. In the morning I was annoyed about my performance and now I'm of course very happy that I'm in the semi-finals. I am glad that our protest was successful. Anything else would have really annoyed me, "stated Schubert, who continued to say:" I wasn't necessarily satisfied with my performance today. I did well on all five boulders and reached five zones. But unfortunately some small mistakes crept in. I should have read the first boulder better. But at the moment I don't care about any of that. It's crazy that I made it to the semi-finals after all. In terms of the station wagon, I would have had a good chance of moving through with a 21st place. But now the starting position for the combination has improved significantly! "

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Credits: Images Johann Groder, text Austria Climbing


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