Due to the current situation, SAC Swiss Climbing decided on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 not to hold any national competitions.

All planned national competitions up to and including the end of July have been canceled. Whether individual competitions will be postponed will be decided when a new international competition calendar is ready and can also be started. This would also enable competition to be run at national level. Von SAC Swiss Climbing aims to hold the Swiss championships in all disciplines at a later date.

International competitions

All international competitions, which should have taken place in July, have already been canceled or postponed by the IFSC. The World Cup in Villars is also affected (LACRUX reported). World Cups are still planned from the second half of the year. European Cups and European Youth Cups have also been canceled by the IFSC until the end of July.

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Credits: text SAC / CAS, Cover photo David Switzerlandr. Ch