Alfredo Webber, 52 years old, climbs the route Pure Dreaming (9a) near Massone rotpunkt.

Alfredo Webber made headlines with his free solo ascent of Panem et Circenses (8c), one of the most difficult rope-free ascent in climbing history. We talked to Alfredo about the inspection and asked him about his future plans.

Even then, he had set his mind on the 9a route Pure Dreaming to climb red point one day. The route has Alfredo Webber 2017 and had already invested more than 2020 attempts by the interview in April 300.

The route Pure Dreaming is my black sheep. I have already invested over 300 attempts.

Alfredo Webber

A few days ago Alfredo Webber's dream came true. He succeeded in the red point ascent of the Pure Dreaming route Massone, above Arcos.

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Credits: Cover picture Roni Andres