What do you give a climber for a birthday or for Christmas? What of a boulderer or a boulderer? We have collected 9 gift ideas.

Once again we have put together eight products aimed at climbers. From the starter set to the insider tip for ambitious people, there is something for everyone.

The gift tips at a glance:

  1. Declare war on the pump – ⁣Massage Gun Shock One
  2. Stylish urban backpack and rope bag combined - Dr. Duffel 30 by Bach – Organizational miracle for the climbing hall
  3. Customizable climbing brush from Europe – Crimpi by Bouldermonk
  4. Give your climbing fingers the balance – ⁣Mini Ufo climbing tool
  5. Stylish Chalk Containers – Pure Chalk Collectors Box
  6. Ever dropped something from a multi-pitch route? Here is the solution - No more losing climbing shoes at the stand
  7. The ultimate starter set – Everything you need to start climbing
  8. There is no easier warm-up – Portable hangboard La Baguette
  9. This chalk bag carries your phone, wallet and a power bar - Alpine Chalk Bag

Portable Massage Gun - Shock One

The Shock One is a compact and powerful massager that accompanies you on the wall base and blocks. Pumped forearms or tired legs from the ascent to the Cresciano bouldering area no longer stand a chance. With the four different massage heads you stimulate the blood flow in different parts of the body. The rechargeable battery offers nine hours of run time in mode 1. Portable and lightweight (495 g), this massage gun is always with you when you need it.

Stylish urban backpack and rope bag combined

A backpack like no other. the dr Duffel from Bach offers maximum opening thanks to the self-standing mechanism, as is known from the practical doctor's cases - at least from hearsay. Thanks to the special opening, the backpack also serves as a rope bag. the dr Duffel is aimed at anyone who likes to keep track of everything - constructed in the proven, robust Bach manner. Various compartments make it easier to organize climbing equipment, and keys, smartphones and wallets can be stowed away in the outer compartment.

Personalized bouldering brush by Bouldermonk

Boulder brush boulder monk_gift idea_climbing_bouldering_2

«Crimpi» is a climbing brush with which you can get into the smallest corners. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, it is very supple in the hand, the angled shape ensures that your knuckles do not rub on the rock or wall. Thanks to the additional slanted bristles, you can also reach deep corners. The bouldering brush made of robust ash or beech heartwood with natural boar bristles is very durable and 100% a natural product. The brush is supplied with sandpaper K 120 for sticking.

The climbing brushes can be personalized on request (laser engraving).

Warm up your fingers with the Mini Ufo

With the Mini Ufo from YY Vertical, you have a handy little tool that you can use to effectively warm up your fingers and hands before climbing - or carefully train your muscles again after an injury. The UFO is made of elastic rubber and can be pushed and stretched outwards with the small ball in the middle. And it fits in every pocket and cannot fly away either.

Kept nice and dry - Pure Chalk Collectors Box

Collect unforgettable moments from the history of climbing in the form of chalk cans: The Pure Chalk Collectors Box tells the story of famous routes, walls and climbers in an impressive way. Available in ten different versions, the boxes combine a unique image on the front with an exciting extract from climbing history on the back. Of course, the cans are filled with a good portion of magnesium.

No more losing climbing shoes at the stand - thanks to Finkifix

Simple and yet clever: Thanks to Finkifix, climbers can concentrate entirely on setting up the belay and belaying their partner. Because there is no longer any risk of losing your climbing shoe. Thanks to Finkifix, your climbing shoes are attached to your ankle. The Finkifix shoe fasteners are like Swiss Made, as well as produced regionally and sustainably. Finkifix is ​​not part of your equipment yet? Then go ahead and go to the website as soon as possible. You can find it here for 25 francs.

Starter set for indoor and rock climbing

Get ready for the vertical with this starter set for beginners: With the Ophir 4 Slide you climb with a comfortable and individually adjustable climbing harness. You secure reliably and correctly with the combination of the Smart HMS 2.0 carabiner and the Smart 2.0, which supports the braking force. The Gym Basic Chalk Bag including magnesium ensures a good grip.

Robust and ultra-light hangboard/fingerboard

La Baguette is a sturdy and ultra-lightweight wooden hangboard (only 380g) that you can take anywhere. It is specially designed for warming up and training indoors and outdoors. La Baguette offers great versatility with two tilt modes and six different grip positions, easily identifiable thanks to an engraving of the depths. With its chic design made from recycled rubberwood, La Baguette offers a soft-touch surface that will delight beginners and experts alike with its comfort and grip.

Chalk bag for long tours

The Alpine Chalk Bag with its numerous features is perfect for long rock climbing tours. It offers enough storage space for a smartphone, keys, energy bars or camera in a practical zip pocket and a mesh pocket. The outer materials are made of high-quality recycled polyester, while dense fleece on the inside ensures less dust formation.