Attention record fans: the popular Oberbuchsiter record at the southern foot of the Jura can be tackled again! An honorable collaboration between the local community and those responsible for climbing has eliminated the risk of falling rocks and spiced up the area.

You rarely hear that: The foundation stone for the lifting of the climbing ban was laid by the municipality of Oberbuchsiten, which spoke out in favor of resuming climbing, according to a current press release by IG Klettern Jurasüdfuss. It is not exactly everyday that municipalities are committed to maintaining climbing operations, especially in north-western Switzerland.

In June 2017 the Oberbuchsiterplatte was closed due to the risk of falling rocks. This was found during an examination of the gas pipe, which runs parallel to the plate. However, further investigations refuted the measurement and the associated increased risk of falling rocks for climbers. The slightly inclined plate with a stately selection of routes is ideal for beginners and training courses.

Topo of the Oberbuchsiter plate

The following changes were also made for the reopening:

  • Work to secure the rock was carried out
  • The fireplace directly below the climbing plate has been relocated
  • New parking facilities have been created
  • A usage agreement was drawn up
  • Information boards were installed

The IG Klettern Jurasüdfuss announced that they were pleased with the constructive solution found and the good cooperation with the municipality of Oberbuchsiten, the canton of Solothurn and the SAC section Olten. Thanks also go to the financial supporters and partners. The region is regaining an important climbing area for young and old.

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Credits: picture Edition Filidor