At the moment, everything is in the rank and file in Spain. There are perfect conditions for difficult routes. The latest success story comes from Jakob Schubert: He succeeds in the commission of Stoking the Fire (9b) in Santa Linya.

The route established by Tomasz Mrazek Stoking the Fire (9b) 2013 was first owned by Chris Sharma and repeated by Adam Ondra three years later. At the third ascent, two other well-known names are currently working alongside Jakob: the Spaniard Edu Marin (partner of Sasha DiGiulian) and the Slovene Domen Skofic (partner of Janja Garnbret).

All three highly motivated

Jakob Schubert arrived in Santa Linya a week ago and started to boulder out the Stoking the Fire trains with Domen and Edu. "It's been so much fun to try such a hard route together with Domen Skofic and Edu Marin," says Jakob enthusiastically. Domen is also happy to have company on the route, but says with a wink that he hopes Jakob doesn't break any more kicks and holds. The same day is Jakob Schubert At the end of the Crux a kick broke out, which made the beta of the three contenders heavier.

Jakob Schubert at Stoking the Fire. (Picture Rainer Eder)
Jakob Schubert at Stoking the Fire. (Picture Rainer Eder)

After a few days Stoking the Fire (9b) ticked off

The small setback with the kick outbreak could obviously not hurt Jakob. After only ten days in Santa Linya, the Austrian climbs with Stoking the Fire his third 9b so far and comments euphorically on the ascent: “Thanks to all my friends and the rest of the climbers that supported me so much during the past 10 days in Santa Linya! Climbing hard is just so much easier if you are surrounded by nice and motivated people and you are having a blast being outside climbing. “We are excited to see when Domen Skofic and Edu Marin can add the route to their ticklist.

Credits: Cover picture Shinta Ozawa

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