The Swiss alpinist Jonas Schild was not up in the air for a while, but in southern climes. In the sport climbing mecca Margalef he climbed fourteen routes in the eighth grade of the French.

Came in mid-June Jonas shield back from Spain - a load of red point inspections in my luggage. The biggest goal of his trip, the ascent of the 9a route Victimes del Futur, remained a project.

“Victimes del Futur runs through the very steep roof area of ​​the Raco de la Finestra sector. Three times I made the last heavy pull, I managed the upper part from the resting point, but connecting the whole thing didn't work. "

Nevertheless, the route balance of the Swiss can be seen. He gets the following routes in the eighth level of difficulty:

1 x 8c
1 x 8b +
9 x 8b
3 x 8a +
9 x 8a (7 x onsight)

Picture gallery of the climbing trip by Jonas Schild

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