The Swiss alpinist Jonas Schild was not up in the air for a while, but in southern climes. In the sport climbing mecca Margalef he climbed fourteen routes in the eighth grade of the French.

Came in mid-June Jonas shield from Spain back - in the luggage a load redpoint ascents. However, the biggest goal of his trip, the celebration of the 9a route Victimes del Futur, remained a project.

"Victims del Futur runs through the very steep roof area of ​​the sector Raco de la Finestra. Three times I'm up to the last heavy move, I've made the upper part of the rest point, but the whole thing did not work out. "

Nevertheless, the route balance of the Swiss can be seen. He gets the following routes in the eighth level of difficulty:

1 x 8c
1 x 8b +
9 x 8b
3 x 8a +
9 x 8a (7 x onsight)

Picture gallery of the climbing trip by Jonas Schild

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