About 573'000 People are now members of the Austrian Alpine Association PES. Also at the German Alpine Club DAV, the members have more than doubled since the year 2000. Both clubs gained an above-average number of members in the urban or non-Alpine population.

Alone in Vienna, the Alpine Club 2018 counts considerable 136'058 members of the Alpine Club - that is almost a quarter of all members in Austria and more than in the previous year about 9'000 Viennese mountaineering enthusiasts. In completely different dimensions, the German Alpine Club is moving with its 1'300'000 members. With its size, the DAV is also quite alone in the German sports club landscape because most sports clubs have stagnating or falling membership numbers.

Yearning for nature, tranquility and originality

That the influx to the near-natural alpine club is so pronounced, especially in the urban area, is easily comprehensible for the voluntary association management of the PES.

"In our increasingly digitized and remote world, the need for nature experiences, for peace and authenticity grows. To satisfy this deep longing for 'outside', the Alpine Club has commissioned. "

President of the Alpine Club ÖAV, Andreas Ermacora

The DAV celebrates its 150. birthday

Growth continues

"The steady increase in the number of Austrian provincial capitals clearly shows that the connection between the city and the mountains is anything but a contradiction. Our varied leisure activities make the Alpine Club particularly attractive for 'city dwellers', "emphasizes Fritz Macher, first chairman of the Vienna Alpine Club Austria.

An end to this development is not in sight for the time being.

"Mountain sports and the closeness to nature are still very popular."

Dieter Holzweber, first chairman of the Alpenverein Gebirgsverein

It sounds similar with the German Alpine Club. Since the year 2000, the DAV has recorded annual growth of between four and five percent.

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Credits: Titel picture Alpine Club / Norbert Freudenthaler


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