In the year 2017 scored the American Margo Hayes the route La Rambla and wrote climbing history (LACRUX reported). She was the first woman to climb a route on 9a + rotpunkt. The passionate rock climber tells us in today's post, which equipment she takes for a day on the rock.

Packing list Margo Hayes

1 A backpack from The North Face. If the rock wall is easily accessible, I always take my backpack from The North Face for a day trip. It offers a medium volume, but has numerous mounting options and is light in weight. The hip belt fits well on the pelvis so that the shoulders are not overly stressed. In the additional compartments, individual equipment and my provisions can be stowed clear.

2 The Petzl Arial 9,5 mm rope. The Arial is my favorite rope. Normally I take a 80 m long strand, except when I am climbing in an area with very long routes. I like the suppleness of the rope and its diameter, which makes handling easier. Also, I generally prefer thicker ropes because they do not wear out so quickly. They last a long time and it takes you to cut the rope ends. A diameter of 9,5 mm allows for good handling when clipping and also this rope runs well through a Grigri. I always make a knot at the end and note the date and the distant length when cutting off rope.

3 The harness Sitta. I practically use my SITTA harness on every climb. He is very comfortable and easy.

4 An anorak of The North Face, No matter where the climb leads, I always take an anorak with me. I freeze very easily and often climb until dusk. When I pause between two routes, it is important to me to have something warm to wear. This way I can also prevent my fingers from getting cold. Besides, you never know if you will not spend more time than intended in the cold and if the weather is really as it was announced. It is better to be prepared for the unforeseen.

5 A training board. I like having my custom made training board with me when I go climbing. It helps me to warm up and avoid injuries. I use it to do pull-ups and activate my fingers. I use it before I start climbing and when I take a long break between two routes.

6 The climbing helmet Meteor by Petzl. For sport climbing, I always take a helmet with me. For rock bands and irregular rock surfaces, I am particularly careful. Of the Meteor is light and one of the few helmets that you hardly feel when climbing the route.

7 The Grigri device from Petzl. The Grigri is my favorite belay device and practically the only one I use. Although I am always very careful and attentive when securing, it is reassuring to have a system with brake assist. The way the Grigri spends and pulls rope gives me confidence. Also when climbing I am calmer, if I know that my backup partner uses a Grigri.

8 A set of spirit exes from Petzl. In 95% of cases, I climb with Spirit Express sets. They are light, robust and I like the handling when clipping the rope. Compared to other express sets, they are much easier to hold when you pull yourself up on it when planning a route. The spirits have the perfect width. I'll also bring a sling and one or two lock carabiners to get back in case I can not make it to the end of the route.

9 cutlery. Since I like to eat, I always have my cutlery with me. I live on a climbing day eating several times and therefore pack a fork, a knife, a small spoon and chopsticks into a small box that is always in my backpack. Eating is important, because food means energy!

10 A Bobo's oat bar. The Bobo's oat bars are among my favorite snacks in rock climbing. They contain a lot of carbs for a long day of climbing and sugar to keep my energy levels down. The bars give strength and taste delicious!

11 A CU safety eyewear, I like these glasses, they prevent me from getting a stiff neck when backing up.

12 The headlamp Tikka by Petzl. I love my Tikka headlamp. It has a long burn time and thanks to the different lighting levels it adapts to different light conditions. She is a great help to me when I walk in the dark on trails to get to my car.

13 A thermos bottle. I almost always carry my thermos. In it my tea stays warm all day! If it's too hot for tea, I'll use it to keep my water cold. The bottle just looks good and is sustainable, I like that.

14 A care set for my fingers. I always pack the little pink bag in my backpack. It includes a nail clipper, strappal tape, hand moisturizer, lip balm and other small care products I might need on a climb.

15 A ball and a band for warm-up exercises. I use a therapy ball to warm up my fingers before I start climbing or practice on the training board. You should spend at least 10 minutes stimulating blood flow to the shoulders. For stretching the shoulders and warming up the rotator cuff, I use the red band. To avoid injuries as far as possible, you should take the time to do these exercises.

16 Solution climbing shoes by La Sportiva. When climbing, I always wear my solution climbing shoes. They are perfect for my feet, the heel is tight and the hooking is a real pleasure.

17 A sakapoche chalkbag. I take my chalkbag for climbing. Its size and low weight are just right for me. And my Faza brush fits perfectly in the holder.

18 Magnesium from Friction Labs. In my magnesium bag comes only Friction Labs-Chalk. I always have a small supply if my friends need something. I like the feel of Friction Labs Chalk on my skin, which is not the case with other manufacturers' products. I also have the impression that it stays longer on the hands.

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Credits: Titelbild Tara Kerzhner