Compared to other high-tech equipment for the alpine area, the ice ax is almost an archaic device. This makes the details all the more important with these essential devices. Because a clever pimple not only offers comfort in icy passages, but can also save lives in an emergency. One that comes up with a lot of details is the Bluebird from Blue Ice.

Product of the month - presented by Bächli Bergsport / Fabian Reichle

What does a pimple have to be able to do? Simple: it has to fit comfortably in the hand, be robust and not carry too much weight on the rucksack. The Bluebird from the French manufacturer Blue Ice - which tests the pimple on the Mont Blanc massif in realistic, alpine conditions - fulfills all of these properties.

The Blue Bird all-round ice ax from Blue Ice.
The all-round bluebird ax from Blue Ice.

It lies well in the hand because its grip area is slightly roughened. This allows more grip even when wearing gloves. An adjustable finger rest can be installed for steep terrain. It is robust because it is made of high quality aluminum and a pick made of forged stainless steel. And it is light anyway - it only weighs 363g (in the 45 cm length).

Four different lengths from 45 to 60 cm make the certified ice ax with its slightly curved shaft ideal for mountaineering and ski tours. Rubber caps for pick and tip are included for optimal protection.

Technical specifications for the Bluebird from Blue Ice

  • Shank and pick CE type 1 (B-Norm)
  • Pick and point made of stainless steel
  • Aluminum shaft
  • Roughened grip area
  • Adjustable finger rest
  • Including pick and tip protection

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Credits: picture Blue Ice, text Fabian Reichle from Bächli Bergsport