The abseiling procedure after a flat multi-pitch route can be quite annoying. The Scottish trial and mountain bike professional Danny MacAskill makes it easier for himself. He rides the Dubh Slabs in his home town of Skye by bike. The result of the hair-raising action can be seen in the film The Slabs.

Like many professional athletes, Danny MacAskill was restricted in his travel activities due to the lockdown and realized projects in his home country. He used the Dubh Slabs plate formations, which protrude out of Loch Coruisk, as the idea for his latest video.

In the video, Danny drives down the rock slabs that are otherwise frequented by climbers.

The descent at the Dubh Slabs was probably the steepest tour I've ever ridden.

Danny MacAskill on the hair-raising descent

Here is the complete video of the descent at the Dubh Slabs. If the entire video is too long for you - or, like us, is only less impressed at the beginning - you only watch the video from minute 4:18 (included below).

Video The Slabs from minute 4:18

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Credits: Cover picture Dave Mackison