The 21-year-old mountaineer, who had been missing since last autumn, was found dead below the Watzmann-Mittelspitze.

Now it is a sad certainty: on Saturday afternoon, a mountaineer found the 2-year-old trail runner who had been missing and fatally injured for over eight months in the upper re-route at around 600 meters below the Watzmann-Mittelspitze.

When the mountain climber's emergency call came in at around 15 p.m. last Saturday via a motionless person in the Little East Face, the Traunstein control center alerted the local mountain rescue service in Ramsau.

When the operations manager called back, the caller had already dismounted through the demanding and in places snow-covered terrain to provide first aid, but then had to find out that the casualty was definitely dead.

Police helicopter already in use because of a fatal climbing accident

The crew of the "Edelweiß 6" police helicopter, who had already been in the region because of a fatal climbing accident on the Untersberg south face on the Berchtesgadener Hochthron, flew on to Ramsau and took in a mountain rescuer and a police mountain guide from the Alpine Task Force (AEG).

The two were then set down at the scene of the accident with the winch, the police officer recording the accident and preparing the deceased for removal with the mountain rescuer.

The police helicopter "Edelweiß 6" was already on the way because of a fatal climbing accident in the Untersberg south face on the Berchtesgadener Hochthron.

In the meantime, the Ramsau mountain rescue service refueled the helicopter at the valley landing site with the kerosene trailer so that it could first fly back to Untersberg, pick up the emergency services there from the south face and immediately afterwards two approaches to Watzmann's dead, the two emergency services and the Mountaineers could winch and fly into the valley.

The mountain rescue service's Crisis Intervention Service (KID) brought the death notice to the deceased's parents. Eleven mountain rescuers from Ramsau were on duty until 19 p.m.

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Credits: text and image Bavarian Red Cross