Adam and Iva Ondra announce the good news that they are expecting offspring - and the climbing scene floods the two with congratulations.

For a long time we in the editorial team had suspected that Adam and Iva Ondra had bigger plans. Yesterday both communicated Iva Ondra's pregnancy on their social media platforms. The date of birth is May 2022.

"Our little ones are already quite active and can hardly wait to see the light of day in May."

Iva Ondra

Congratulations came immediately from the climbing scene, including from Chris Sharma and Rustam Gelmanov, both of whom are two-time fathers themselves.

Congratulations, Adam Ondra. This will be the largest of all the ascent. 😁🙏👍

Chris Sharma

The Russian climber Rustam Gelmanov expresses himself a little more profoundly than Chris Sharma. “The birth of the child changes your life and you rediscover yourself. A fascinating process, ”he writes in his comment.

When the priorities shift

If you take a look at other professional climbers who have children, the picture is pretty consistent. The effects on their climbing careers are great. Tommy Caldwell and Chris Sharma are just two examples of the fact that climbing is no longer at the top of the priority list. In a conversation with Chris Sharma, the American once told us that children were clearly his first priority.

“Children especially have something enriching for climbers. Because climbers only live for themselves, their passion and their goals. If I've had time to climb now, since I've been a father, then I'm so happy and I appreciate it a lot more and I'm super motivated. "

Chris Sharma

Adam Ondra will probably have a similar experience. Climbing will still be a top priority, but it will have a different role, priority in life. Even if Adam Ondra is known for his irrepressible motivation for the vertical, he will not be immune either and will be emotionally absorbed by his offspring.

Chris Sharma in an interview about being a father

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