A few days ago Adam Ondra managed the first ascent of the 9a + Routeolekuly in the Moravský kras area in the north of Brno. The key point demands everything from Ondra, which is expressed in the obligatory roar.

Tried for the past 12 years Adam Ondra at least four times on the route, but always had to go home without having achieved anything. “I had no idea how to climb this route and I was afraid that it would even be impossible,” comments Ondra.

New Year New luck

Last week the Czech returned to the line to get back on the field because Ondra doesn't give up that easily. With enough physical fitness and the right mindset, he deciphered the crux at the beginning of the line and lo and behold, the key point goes!

"I 'believed' that the non-existent step was a kick, found a few molecular-size structures for my fingertips on the pincer handle and made it through the key point."

Adam Ondra

Even after this brutally difficult key point, the route is not completely eaten. There is still an exit in area 8b + to be mastered until the deflector is reached.

The video of the ascent shows how badly at the limit the key point is also for Grandmaster Ondra. We say: "Film off, sound on!"

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Credits: Cover picture AO Production