Alex Honnold has already developed some innovative products together with his sponsor Black Diamond. Including a heated chalkbag or the inflatable crash pad. Now Alex Honnold is launching another highlight together with Black Diamond.

Looking for a solution for Alex Honnolds Alex Honnold turned to the product developers at Black Diamond. “We worked tirelessly with Honnold on the conception, drafting and development of the idea. We hope to fill the gap in his climbing and leisure equipment with the newest litter ”, says Kolin Powik from Black Diamond.

Launching the Viola Signature Spatula

With a dual-density overlay and extremely temperature-resistant silicone material, this fryer easily slips under a Portaledge pancake and is sturdy enough to turn a steak. Also other dishes and especially Alex Honnolds secret recipe before every attempt to climb - scrambled eggs - done with this scoop with ease. The lightweight and sturdy Honnold squeegee with its ergonomically shaped handle feels good in the hand, is heat-resistant up to 280 ° and decorated with Honnold's signature. The fryer is also BPA, BPS and phthalate free.

"The coolest thing, however, is that with every spatula sold, 100% of the proceeds go to the Honnold Foundation, which supports initiatives in the field of solar energy for a more sustainable world."

Alex Honnold on the Signature Spatula

So get your Honnold Signature Spatula and support them today Honnold Foundation!

Signature spatula

From the idea to the finished product: The Signature Spatula Viola Blade

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