Alexander Megos is climbing another difficult route in the Spanish area of ​​Siurana: Furia de Jabali (9b).

Less than a week ago, Alexander Megos announced the repetition of one of the most difficult routes in the world. He succeeded in the red point ascent of King Cappella (9b +), first ascended from the Scot Will Bosi. On his success rested megos not out, but decided to do another first ascent of Bosi: Furia de Jabali. This route is also relatively short and peppered with numerous razor-sharp ridges.

"I tried the route briefly in March, but couldn't take a single train back then."

Alexander Megos.

But during the current trip to Spain the situation was completely different. After the ascent of King Capella, Alex Megos invested his time in Furia de Jabali and was able to climb all trains, albeit with a different beta than Will Bosi. On the fifth day of the route, Alex climbed the route very solidly, but the bitterly cold conditions in the area thwarted his plans. Three days later, on the seventh day in the route, Megos then fought his way to the diverter of without falling Furia de Jabali.

“The ascent was anything but aesthetic, but it counts.” 😬

Alexander Megos.

Will Bosi on the first ascent of Furia de Jabali

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Credits: Cover picture Ievgenia Kazbekova