Alexander Megos cancels his sponsorship contracts with Sterling Ropes, DMM Wales and Red Bull. He now answers the big question about the successor sponsors: He is new to the team of the French mountain sports equipment supplier Petzl.

In the past few days and weeks, the German professional climber has terminated a number of sponsors or publicly announced the end of the collaboration. First he communicated the end of his partnership with the American rope producer Sterling Ropes.

After more than five years of great collaboration with Sterlin Rope, I will no longer be part of the Sterling team this year for personal reasons. It wasn't an easy decision and I am grateful for the support I have received from Sterling Rope in the past.

Alexander Megos.

Sterling Ropes is followed by DMM Wales

British climbing equipment supplier DMM Wales had to believe next. DMM has Alex Megos supported since the beginning of his career. With a twinkle in his eye, Alex writes: "At the time I was proud that I was sponsored with 14 quickdraws." Here too, Alexander Megos gives personal reasons for the step.

As an athlete, I'm going to take a new path and that requires a few changes.

Alexander Megos.

The announcements by Alexander Megos caused a lot of question marks and wild speculation in the climbing community. Why is Alexander Megos canceling sponsors by the dozen? What are his motivations? Where is his new path as an athlete going? Which sponsor fills the gap?

Criticism of Red Bull as a sponsor

In addition to smaller brands, only remained in the list of his sponsors Patagonia, Red Bull and Tenaya. Voices quickly rose in the community criticizing the partnership with Red Bull. The group fits the least Alexander Megos., who often speaks out on the subject of climate protection, said many of his fans. Alex quickly took the wind out of the sails of these critics, because the next announcement followed:

I am grateful that Red Bull accompanied me on my way as a sponsor. Now a new chapter begins.

Alexander Megos.

Alex Megos is also saying goodbye to the beverage manufacturer, which is now much more of a media group.

Where to go PETZL!

Alexander Megos then answered the question about the new sponsor with a video message on January 19, 2021. The German top climber is now part of the team of the French mountaineering equipment supplier Petzl.

So the question still remains as to the reasons for this change. Alex Megos has always emphasized that the decision to change sponsors was of a personal nature and that he wanted to “break new ground” as an athlete. We asked Alex which path he would like to take and what this “new chapter” entails.

Our questions remained unanswered by the time we went to press. As soon as we know more about the topic, we will inform you here.

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Credits: Cover picture Ievgenia Kazbekova