Alexander Megos makes a detour to Margalef, where he climbed the popular 9a Era Vella in the second attempt.

After Alexander Megos' early retirement from the Bouldering World Cup in Meiringen a week ago, the German athlete romped around with the American Margo Hayes in the Bernese climbing hall O'Bloc and said: “Cool session with Margo in the climbing hall O'Bloc. I think this is the first time I've seen a 9a in a climbing hall. "

9a Era Vella scored in the second attempt

Alexander Megos was more successful than in Meiringen on his trip to Spain after the competition in Switzerland. He checked out the trains of the 9a Margalef classic Era Vella and then climbed the route on the first real attempt. “The route would have been perfect to try a 9a flash,” comments Alex in his euphoria. “Unfortunately, I already worked seven years ago, which is why I didn't need to try the flash.” It is definitely an amazing achievement.

Incidentally, Cédric Lachat also scored Era Vella almost exactly a month ago. This after his injury break.

Cédric Lachat climbs after injury break again 9a

Credits: picture Jan Novak Photography


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