The German professional climber Alexander Megos manages the commission of the fourth 9b + of the world: Perfecto Mundo in the Spanish sports climbing area Margalef.

The 26-meter-long route on the strongly overhanging wall of the sector Racó de la Finestra in Margalef, Spain was completed about nine years ago Chris Sharma set up. Since then, Chris has worked on the route again and again and said: “This is probably the hardest route I've ever tried. It will probably be in the area 9b +. "

Sharma, Ghisolfi and Megos working together on the project

For a few weeks joined Stefano Ghisolfi and Alexander Megos. to. The three top climbers exchanged betas together and motivated each other. In the end, the German Alexander Megos not only had enough motivation for the climb, but also strength. He enthusiastically comments on the successful first ascent: “I'm incredibly relieved. This has been an important process in my climbing career and clipping the anchor of "Perfecto Mundo", my first 9b + as well as getting the first ascent was an incredible experience. "The route setter, Chris Sharma, congratulates Alex and describes the route as "non stop hard climbing on small pockets and crimps up a beautiful sweeping wall." Alexander is with the ascent of Perfecto Mundo the third person worldwide to succeed in this route. Only Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra have ever climbed an 9b + route before.

For Chris Sharma, it was not enough to the deflector

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Fourth 9b + the world

Perfecto Mundo in Margalef is the world's fourth route in this degree. The first 9b + route was opened by Adam Ondra The Change in the year 2012, followed by La Dura Dura in the following year. In the same year still like La Dura Dura succeeded Adam Ondra the commission of another 9b +, Vasi Vasil in Morabsky Kas, Czech Republic.

Chris Sharma and Alex Megos discussing the Perfecto Mundo route

Alex Megos during one of his experiments in Perfecto Mundo

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