Alexander Rohr once again lets himself be heard by walking on an 8c route. He is climbing L'appel de la forêt (8c) in Chuenisberg near Basel.

In search of old classics made up Alex on the way to the Basel Jura. There, a familiar face left its mark: Fred Nicole. Fred managed the first ascent of L'appel de la forêt in August 1998. The route is part of the striking and north-facing overhang in the Chuenisberg climbing area. Alex describes them as "hard and boulder-heavy on small bars".

Ravage climbed almost in the second attempt

Anyone who climbs 8c will not go to Chuenisberg without trying Ravage (8b + / 8c). The route first started by Antoine Le Menestrel was the hardest route in the world in 1986. Only a year later, the route had to give up the title to Wallstrett (8c) from Wolfgang Güllich. The older semesters will also be familiar with Ravage, because the first and then only Swiss climbing magazine was named after the route. Unfortunately, Ravage magazine is no longer available. LACRUX now bears the title of “the only Swiss climbing magazine”. Also good.

But back to Ravage. Alexander tube tried Ravage, but unfortunately missed the successful ascent of the classic hair.

Credits: Picture Alexander Rohr


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