In our interview series "Athletes Ask Athletes" we let professional climbers asking their fellow climbers a question. That person answers the question and nominates another person and asks that person a question too - and the story goes on. Stay tuned!

The series started with a question from the Swiss professional climber Petra Klingler an Adam Ondra, This article will be continuously updated and with the interview questions and answers we publish on instagram.

Petra Klingler asks Adam Ondra

What will be the essential object/thing you will take with you to Japan for the Olympic Games and why?

Petra Klingler's question to Adam Ondra
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Athletes Ask Athletes, where professional climbers ask one of their fellow climbers a question. Our first episode is with @petra_klingler and @adam.ondra: Petra asked: "Adam, what do you want to do with Japan for the Olympic Games and why?" Adam Ondra answers: "I want to bring a fan, because it helps a lot. It's a game changer, when it's hot!" Adam nominated @sebbouin. Stay tuned for Adam's question and Seb Bouin's answer in our next episode of "Athletes Ask Athletes". , #athletesaskathletes #aaa #rockclimbing #climbing #klettern #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbinglife #climbing_is_my_passion #climbinginspiration #timetoclimb #happyclimbing #theclimbinglife #iloveclimbing #climbinglover #climbinglife #climbing_lovers #timetoclimb #climbing_is_my_passion #doyouboulder #boulderinglife #bouldering #boulder #bouldern #extremebouldering

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Adam Ondra asks Seb Bouin

Coming soon. Stay tuned.

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Credits: Titelbild IFSC / CMA

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