Germany, Austria and Switzerland, like many other countries, are struggling with the spread of the corona virus. Now the Swiss Alpine Club SAC, the German Alpine Association DAV and the Alpine Association Austria ÖAV are urgently calling for no more mountain tours. Climbing or bouldering is also not recommended.

The most important order of the day is what is known as "social distancing" - in German: Do not meet people or keep the necessary distance from one another. The Swiss government has taken drastic measures, but does not want to implement a curfew - as Austria, Italy or Spain have issued. However, gatherings of more than five people have been prohibited in Switzerland since March 20, 2020.

Avoid mountain tours 

In order to prevent alpine emergencies during the current corona crisis and to keep medical capacities free, the Swiss Alpine Club is asking all mountain athletes to temporarily refrain from mountain and ski tours. Consideration and solidarity with the healthcare system and the people concerned are required by everyone in this extraordinary situation.

Avoid climbing and bouldering

Climbing halls are now closed across the board. It is obvious that many switch to rock climbing and bouldering. The German Alpine Club has a clear opinion: As with the mountain tours, however, the DAV's appeal is: Please don't climb! This is for two reasons: First, because climbing also harbors the risk of accidents, see mountain tours. On the other hand, because the risk of infection increases on the rocks: in the upcoming spring, the climbers crowd on the sunny rocks - and all the more because the halls are closed.

Exercise at home or in the fresh air

For everyone who worries about their fitness: there is enough Training opportunities for at home, in the garden or even in an idyllic forest clearing (there is currently no curfew in Switzerland and Germany). mobile Fingerboards, TRX, Rings and many more Training tools are available for optimal and efficient climbing training. Or use the time to focus on that antagonists training!

Important: Avoid social contacts in your activities that go beyond the domestic community and follow the instructions of your national authorities!

As always, you can find training tips here:

Mountain huts are closed

Although, according to the Federal Council regulation of March 16, 2020, both hotels and SAC huts may remain open at the moment, since Monday, March 16, all 153 SAC huts have ended their season prematurely or have not started at all. The Alpine Club huts in Germany and Austria are also closed.

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Credits: Reports from the Alpine clubs SAC, DAV and ÖAV