The Swiss professional climber Cédric Lachat recently managed the ascent of the Route Yeah Man (8b +) in the Friborgian climbing area Gastlosen.

Cédric Lachat a few weeks ago raised money for the realization of a film about this year's project Swissway to Heaven, in which he won the heaviest Swiss multi-pitch tours, including Yeah Man in the Gastlosen, Odyssey on the Eiger, Zahir on the Wendenstöcken and Déjà Vu in Rätikon. With the celebration of Yeah Man at the 30. June 2019, the French-speaking part of Switzerland starts successfully in the project.

“Yeah Man is for me one of the most beautiful tours I've ever climbed. And also one of the most difficult. Hats off to Giovanni Quirici for the first ascent in 2010! "

Cédric Lachat

The route Yeah man on the north side of the pathway stretches over nine pitches and includes five lengths in the seventh degree, two 8a's, one 8a + and the 8b + as a key length.

Next stop: Odyssee am Eiger

Meanwhile is located Cédric Lachat already in Grindelwald and with the projecting of the second route, Odyssey, began. The route Odyssey was from Roger Schäli, Robert Jasper and Simon Gietl 2015 first in the year and 2018 in August Babsi Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher repeated for the first time.

Picture gallery: Yeah Man in the Gastlosen

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Credits: Pictures Mathis Dumas Photography


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