The Swiss professional climber Cédric Lachat closes the year with the ascent of a difficult route: Super Crackinette (9a +) in Saint-Léger du Ventoux, France.

The French-speaking Swiss invested a total of around two weeks Cédric Lachat in the red point ascent of the route Super Crackinette in Praniania near Saint-Léger du Ventoux. The inspection came just on the last day of last year, so Cédric was able to close a successful year.

Cédric Lachat on the Supercrackinette in Saint-Leger du Ventoux. (Image Hugo Vincent Photography)
Cédric Lachat on the Super Crackinette in Saint-Leger du Ventoux. (Image Hugo Vincent Photography)

Cédric looked at the route a few years ago, but then injured his ring ligament. With this injury, the route took a back seat for a long time until he tackled it again in early December 2020. At that time he lacked the strength and skin on his fingertips to be able to hold the small handles.

After a brief stay in Switzerland over Christmas, Cédric returned to Super Crackinette on the last day of the year and made short work of it.

It was cold and I kept falling at the one-finger hole in the middle of the route. But I knew that I could climb the route. I basically ordered myself not to fall any more.

Cédric Lachat

Cédric Lachats was only the seventh person to climb the route and joins the list of well-known names such as Alex Megos (First ascent), Adam Ondra, Sebastian Berthe or Julia Chanourdie (only female ascent).

Cédric Lachat during one of his attempts before Christmas

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Credits: Pictures Hugo Vincent Photography