Just a few weeks ago, we published an article with video that reported a potential 9c route, King Line, in Italy. Stefano Ghisolfi is no longer allowed to climb in this project in the climbing area Laghel near Arco. The owner of the property prohibits access immediately.

A bouldering area is for sale in Spain, while in bow access to the climbing area Laghel is forbidden immediately. The latter was communicated by the top Italian climber Stefano Ghisolfi a few days ago.

"Attention. Very bad news. The climbing area Laghel near Arco, the hardest climbing area in Italy and one of the hardest in the world, is located on private property. Now the owner came by in the area and immediately prohibited us from entering. "

Stefano Ghisolfi's statement

All climbers knew that Laghel was on private property, but the owner always tolerated the climbers. That is now the end. After the owner came into the area and asked those present to leave the area and no longer climb here, everyone left the area.

“Of course, the owner has the right to forbid us from entering. But Laghel is not just any area. There is something unique in Arco and in Italy. "

Stefano Ghisolfi

Local climbers will ask the local Garda-Trentino Tourism Association and local authorities for help and ask the climbing community to respect the ban to avoid conflict.

The Laghel rock bar. (Photo by Stefano Ghisolfi)

High density of difficult routes in Laghel

The climbing area Laghel at Arco, Italy, at the latest with the first ascent of the route Queen line (9b) by Adam Ondra fame in February 2017. The route experienced its first repetition in 2019 through the local heroes Stefano Ghisolfi.

Was often in the Laghel area near Arco: Adam Ondra (picture Stefano Ghisolfi)

Works at the same time Stefano Ghisolfi for a long time on an extension of the route. With the project by name King Line it could be a 9c route. But at the latest when the area is closed, an initial ascent will not occur so quickly.

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Credits: Pictures Stefano Ghisolfi