The makers of ActiontalkTV and LACRUX are launching a joint online TV format. The BETA program appears monthly and provides news, background stories and exclusive interviews from the climbing scene.

In addition to the daily news from the climbing magazine LACRUX, climbing news will now appear every month in video format on the ActiontalkTV channel. The joint broadcast format BETA goes into depth, takes up controversial topics and offers an overview of what is happening from the vertical.

Show BETA Episode 1

For the first edition of the Beta program, we have exclusive video material from Alex Megos in the 9c-Route bibliography and talk to Cédric Lachat about his criticism of the first-time climbers of the Route Déja and the professional climber Fabi Buhl. We also show how the climbing accident on the Ammerthaler Wand came about and how camping in the Magic Wood bouldering area continues.

The topics of episode 1 of BETA at a glance

  • Alex Megos celebrates 9c - Exclusive video footage
  • Laura Rogora is the second woman to climb 9b
  • Climbing accident on the Ammerthaler Wand - possible reasons
  • Cédric Lachat criticizes
  • Knatsch in the Magic Wood bouldering area

Episode 1 - broadcast BETA

All episodes of the show BETA

Beta is broadcast every month. Here you can find all past posts.

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