David Firnenburg manages to climb a difficult line again: He climbs Finite Infinity (9a) in the Lehn sport climbing area.

David Firnenburg seems to be in top form. Almost every month he expands his ticklist with an additional 9a route and several routes in the top eighth French degree. The German athlete, who lives in Switzerland, recorded his latest success in the Bernese Oberland. In the sport climbing area Lehn he succeeded in repeating the route last Wednesday Finite Infinity (9a), first ascended through Matthias King three years ago.

Matthias König in an interview about the first ascent of Finite Infinity

The Finite Infinity route consists of two bouldering areas, and in between there is a resting point on good ledges. The route did not cause the 26-year-old much trouble, success for the red point ascent came after just two sessions.

The first boulder is physically demanding, while the second key point is highly friction-dependent, technical and finger-heavy.

David Firnenburg

David Firnenburg already combines well over a dozen 9a's and three 9a + routes in his ticklist, making him one of the strongest German climbers. Especially in the recent past, David has been heard from regularly. We asked him why he is currently so successful on the rock:

“After my shoulder injury, I just climb and train a lot. I always try to get the best out of it and collect heavy moves. I don't have a training plan, I train based on experience. Beautiful and difficult projects on the rock motivate me and of course motivated climbing partners like my friend Andrea Kümin and recently Samuel Ometz in the Lehn help - and enough food to be able to muster all the energy. ”😉

David Firnenburg

David's performance is all the more impressive when you consider that he is currently studying, meaning that he cannot fully concentrate on climbing.

“My life at the moment consists of studying and climbing. I now live in Bern, but still have to complete a semester at the University of Zurich in order to finish my bachelor's degree in psychology in January. "

David Firnenburg

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Credits: Cover picture David Firnenburg