Deep water soloing pioneer Tim Emmett took the competitive climber Kyra Condie to Vietnam and initiated her into the climbing discipline without rope and safety devices.

The Deep Water Soloing is climbed on rock formations along the coast or in the sea without rope and securing points. If you fall, you fall into the water accordingly. The most famous area for this special climbing discipline is the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Ha Long Bay with its countless limestone formations. (Picture Louder Than Eleven)
Ha Long Bay with its countless limestone formations. (Picture Louder Than Eleven)

3 limestone formations

A lesser known area for deep water soloing is Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. This picturesque bay has 3 rock formations that jut out of the water and thus represent a true climbing paradise.

Before that I climbed over the water. At a competition, over a pool and with lifeguards. This, of course, is a completely different matter.

Kyra Condie

Tim Emmett opened up numerous lines at the beginning of the 2s and made the area famous. Now he is bringing the field and with it the discipline to a strong young athlete: Kyra Condie. The film Deep Water shows how she fared.

Kyra Condie and Tim Emmett doing deep water soloing in Vietnam

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You can also climb above the water in Switzerland!

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Credits: Cover picture Louder Than Eleven