If you are planning a weekend spent sleeping in a SAC hut, climbing a mountain peak or riding a pass, you also need a good weather forecast. With immediate effect, the Meteo Switzerland App will be showing the prospects for the next six days for selected mountain locations.

So far, only the weather information of places and postcodes could be retrieved and stored in the smartphone app of Meteo Switzerland. Recently, the app provides valuable information from 157 SAC huts, 75 Alpine passes and 238 peaks free house. Access to temperature, precipitation, and wind forecasts is available in several ways:

Information in the weekly forecast view

Via the weekly forecast "Mountain weather" you can display and select a limited selection of mountain locations on the Swiss map to get directly into the forecast view:

Figure 1: Mountain weather in the weekly forecast
Figure 1: Mountain weather in the weekly forecast.

Save places in favorites

Via "set new location favorite" new mountain resorts can now be saved.

Figure 2: Mountain Weather Add a favorite
Figure 2: Mountain Weather Add a favorite.

With the search function "mountains" select, here the complete list of all mountain places is shown.

Figure 3: Search function mountain weather
Figure 3: Search function mountain weather.

With the existing location favorite, the nearest mountain locations are now also listed and can be directly selected there.

Figure 4: Places and alpine locations near location favorites.

Expansion planned for the year 2020

Additional mountain locations are planned and will be added next year. The mountain forecasts will also be available on the Meteo Switzerland website at a later date.

In addition to the point forecasts, the weather report has recently included additional information for the Alps. For the first two days, you will find clues that are updated twice a day, drawing attention to mountain-specific phenomena such as fog, cloud top, or wind.

App from Meteo Switzerland for iOS and Android


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Credits: Images and text Meteo Schweiz AG