The German alpinist and Dynafit General Manager Benedikt Böhm has set himself the goal of conquering three four-thousand-meter peaks on his own in just 30 hours. Shortly after the start of the project, a member of the project team was killed. The project was canceled.

It should have been a superlative project. As part of the Big Triple project, Benedikt Böhm wanted to climb the three four-thousand-meter peaks, Grand Combin, Gran Paradiso and Mont Blanc on his own - within just 30 hours. In numbers:

  • 11 vertical meters uphill
  • 13 vertical meters downhill
  • 200 km in total
  • 130 km of it by bike

Shortly after the start on April 24, 2021, the project came to an abrupt end. The reason for the early stop was the accident of a member of the team. The 29-year-old Benedikt S., who took care of the preparation of the tour, slipped and fell. The rescue workers could only determine the death of the climber (LACRUX reported).

I deeply regret having to deliver this sad news. My compassion and thoughts go with family and friends.

Benedikt Boehm

In 2018, Benedikt S. was a member of the expedition squad of the German Alpine Club and a member of Dynafit's Big Triple project team.

This is how the Big Triple project was announced

Original report of the accident

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Credits: Cover picture Benedikt Boehm