After months of setting up and designing, the Spanish professional climber has now managed to climb the longest overhanging roof route in the world, Valhalla (9a +, 380 Meter) in the Chinese Getu red dot.

"Finally. Month after month we fought and suffered setbacks. But now we have fulfilled a dream that began two years ago, "commented Edu Marin pleased his first ascent of the route Valhalla in Getu, China. By "we" is meant his father and his brother, who accompanied him in setting up and designing.

10 pitches pure roof climbing

The route covers a total of 380 meters (14 pitches), 250 (10 pitches) of which run in the overhanging roof of the giant cave at Getu.

"I'm so glad I've set up this monster route. She is beautiful, futuristic and super heavy. "

Not only is it the longest overhanging roof route in the world, it is also one of the toughest ever. The 14 rope lengths include one 9a +, two 8c + and ten lengths in the eighth French grade. With these difficulties, the Valhalla multi-pitch route moves on a level with the Dawn Wall, which is considered the world's toughest Big Wall.

Video of the heaviest rope length Odyn's Crack (9a +) in Route Valhalla

Report and video about the first time in the route Valhalla

An exciting insight into the projecting phase can be found in the following article and the video contained therein.

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Credits: Cover picture Karel Downsbrough


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