Iranian professional climber Elnaz Rekabi landed in Tehran, Iran this morning and spoke to Iranian news agency Borna News about the recent events.

Since the Iranian climber Elnaz Rekabi competed in the finals of the Asian Championships without a headscarf, events unfolded. The case sparked international concern. According to initial reports, she was lured to the Iranian embassy under a pretext, where her smartphone and passport were confiscated. Media reported that she was missing. Elnaz Rekabi spoke up yesterday morning in the form of an Instagram story (Lacrux reported).

This morning she arrived at the airport in Tehran and was greeted with applause. Many compatriots chanted that she was a heroine.

Meanwhile, Elnaz Rekabi apologized again for the incident in an interview with the Iranian news agency Borna News. She repeated her message, which she already published on Instagram. She was surprised by the unexpected call during the competition and forgot to put on the headscarf.

"It wasn't my intention to climb without a headscarf," she continues. She apologized to the Iranian people for the tensions that had arisen and was glad to have arrived home safe and sound.

There is a suspicion that the Iranian regime forced her to apologize on Instagram and in the interview.

The full interview with news agency Borna News

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Credits: Cover photo IRNA


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