The Norwegian Mari Augusta Salvesen flashes the offwidth route Belly Full of Bad Berries (8a). An unbelievable achievement considering that Adam Ondra, the world's best climber of his time, struggled in this crack line in 2018.

Mari Augusta Salvesen The flash ascent of the 25 meter long and 45 degree overhanging off-width line succeeds Belly Full of Bad Berries at Indian Creek. An 8a route whose rating should not fool you.

Adam Ondra fought his way up the overhanging crack in 2018 with full physical exertion and then described his ascent as follows: "There are few routes where you really have to go to the absolute physical limit, so that you almost throw up. Belly Full of Bad Berries is one such route.”

Video: Mari Augusta Salvesen foot first in Belly Full of Bad Berries

The Norwegian Mari Augusta Salvesen is an all-round athlete who cuts a fine figure in all disciplines of climbing. She boulders with difficulty 8a, pulls hard trad routes up to 8b, climbs ice lines up to WI5 and has big wall routes like The Shield (C4/A3) in Yosemite in her tour book.

She is currently staying with the Wide Boyz Pete Whittaker and Tom randall as well as with Mary Catherine Eden and David Postelt in the Rift Mecca Indian Creek. The fact that Mari Augusta Salvesen made it to the deflector on her flash ascent of Belly full of Bad Berries is sometimes attributed to the support of this crew. “Without their support I would definitely have dropped out. I'm just happy that I made it. It was hard work.”

Video: Mari Augusta Salvesen reaches the deflector

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Credits: Cover picture Pete Whittaker