During a short stay at the foot of Mont Ventoux, Alexander Megos scored numerous routes and opened a new 9a + line: Et pour quelques dégaines de plus.

In the recent past we have been receiving news from the climbing area St-Léger in southern France again and again. The reasons for this are the high density of difficult routes and the ideal climate. This combination regularly attracts strong climbers.

Incidentally, St-Léger is the place where Julia Chanourdie was the first French woman to score a route with grade 9a +. Almost exactly a year ago, she managed to climb the route that Alexander Megos first started in October 2016.

Julia Chanourdie during the ascent of Super Crackinette (9a +)

And that brings us to Alexander Megos. The German went to France for seven days to put an end to old projects.

The balance of his stay is impressive: six routes in the top eighth French degree and two routes in the ninth degree. The route Et pour quelques dégaines de plus (9a +) is actually Alex's first ascent. The route was set up by the tireless developer Quentin Chastagnier, but never scored.

Since I was here for the first time seven years ago, is St-Léger is a special place for me. This time I came here to repeat some routes and try some projects.

Alexander Megos.

The complete ticklist of Alexander Megos

  • Les petits chefs des néant (8c)
  • Tour of the Patron (8c)
  • L'étrave (8c)
  • Rêve de Poutre (8c / +)
  • Crackinette (8c +)
  • La Ligne Claire (8c +)
  • La Castagne (9a / +)
  • Cadafist (9a / +)
  • Et pour quelques dégaines de plus (9a + FA)

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Credits: Cover picture Jan Novak Photography