During a short trip to Spain, Adam Ondra succeeded in repeating the Furia de Jabali sport climbing route. Ondra agrees with Schubert's opinion and rates the route as 9a+.

The Furia de Jabali route is one of the most difficult lines in the Capella sector in Siurana. During a short stay, Adam Ondra made short work of numerous difficult routes. So he climbed routes like Palindrom and La pequena Mowgli (8b + / 8c) onsight and got the fourth ascent from Furia de Jabali (9a +).

Ondra on the ascent of Furia de Jabali

The route Furia de Jabali belongs to the famous Capella trilogy, the three most difficult routes in the Capella sector of the crag siurana. The route was taken by the Scots Will Bosi first climbed about a year ago and rated 9b.

Furia de Jabali was repeated for the first time by the German professional climber Alexander Megos. in December 2021, followed by the Austrian Jakob Schubert a few days later. After these two ascents, it was clear that the repeaters would not confirm the level of difficulty suggested by Bosi. Jakob Schubert in particular made a clear statement and stated that route 9a+ was the case. This opinion is now also closed Adam Ondra

"I agree with Jakob Schubert and give Furia de Jabali a 9a+ rating."

Adam Ondra's Spain ticklist after a five-day stay

  • Palindrome (8c onsight – Exen hung up during inspection)
  • La Pequena Mowgli (8b + onsight - Exen hung on the inspection)
  • Tres tristes triceps (8b onsight)
  • Pa la China (8a+ onsight)
  • Sensacions (8a+ onsight)
  • Mauthausen (8c 2nd go)
  • Mr Cheki (8b+ 2nd go | retro onsight)

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