The Italian Gabriele Moroni manages the free ascent of the Trofeo Dell'Adriatico (9a +) sport climbing route set up by David Lama around ten years ago.

The history of the route Trophy Dell'Adriatico goes far back. About ten years ago when Gabriele is in Chamonix for an IFSC competition, he scores David Lama. Lama reports he had in bow set up a route for Moroni to try. But time flies, Moroni doesn't find an opportunity to get on the route - until the Corona lockdown in 2020.

"I was super motivated to climb and try new routes, so the idea of ​​trying David Lama's route at Hotel Olivo came up."

Gabriele Moroni

After Moroni invested a few sessions in cleaning the route, he was able to start with the actual planning. Moroni had to go through many ups and downs and the route occupied him for two climbing seasons. Local and out-of-town climbers knew that Moroni was designing the route, but let him go first.

"I appreciated that the others gave me the right of way, but I also wanted to score points on the route as quickly as possible."

Gabriele Moroni

According to Gabriele Moroni the route he recently redpointed for the first time is one of the best difficult lines in the area around Arco.

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Credits: Cover picture Matteo Pavana