Shortly before Christmas or during the year on a birthday, the question always comes up: What do you give a climber? We have compiled numerous products for you that will delight every climber.

The lightest chalk bag / magnesium bag in the world

A paper chalk bag? Paper that should be tear and waterproof, can even withstand 40 ° C in the washing machine and also look good? Yup! You read that right! With the PAPNU chalk bags, AustriAlpin brings both function and design to the climbing harness. The stylish chalk bags made of tear-resistant special paper in various designs score with a super-light 56 ​​g (the lightest model only 13,7 g) and are particularly robust.

Magnesium bag / chalk bag Papnu Helium from AustriAlpin

Kneepads from Europe | Knee skirt from Red Chili

Somehow that seems to have passed us by. For years, knee pads were only available overseas, primarily in the United States. But as we now found out, the German manufacturer Red Chili launched its own Kneepad around a year ago. An anatomically adapted cut, grippy rubber (RX-1 Allround), two closures and a non-slip inside make the knee skirt the ultimate helper on sport climbing routes and on bouldering blocks.

Kneepad Knee Rock by Red Chili

Softly bedded at the base of the wall: Black Diamond Pipe Dream 45

The Pipe Dream climbing backpack is a case for climbers who like to be comfortable. Because the rucksack can be converted into a large, padded and insulated lying surface in no time at all. If you want to take a leisurely break during sessions in autumn and spring, you will love the Pipe Dream. By the way: The Pipe Dream is also popular with children of climbing parents!

Climbing backpack Pipe Dream by Black Diamond

Most ecological climbing shoe? The Beta Eco from Boreal

The Beta Eco from Boreal is, as its name suggests, a climbing shoe with a special focus on sustainability. This is achieved through the use of recycled materials, both for the outer fabric and the rubber coating of the sole. With hardly any pre-tensioning and a generally straight shape, the Beta Eco is perfect for beginners, as an all-round climbing shoe and for leisurely plaisir routes.

Beta Eco climbing shoe from Boreal

If you are looking, you will find - thanks to Recco reflectors

Fixed Recco reflectors are "built into" certain pieces of equipment so that professional mountain rescuers can find you more quickly and effectively. Perhaps you don't have such an item of equipment or you don't want to buy such a jacket or backpack? No problem. Recco has separate reflectors in its range that can be easily attached to the backpack, helmet or anywhere else. There is also a belt. With this small investment, you will increase your safety in the mountains enormously.

Recco reflector backpack

Stalin's Alpinists: The Abalakov Case

How did it come about that Stalin arrested the celebrated alpinists, who in his name should carry Marxism to the highest peaks, and had them disappear? Ever since the award-winning French journalist Cédric Gras found out about the Abalakov brothers' fate, this question never left him. He decided to follow the traces of her life. 

Stalin's Alpinists: The Abalakov Case. Tyrolia Publishing House

Life Straw Stainless Steel

Before a high-altitude tour or a long hike, the question always arises of how much water you should take with you. If you want to have enough liquid, you drag. If you save on weight, you will quickly become thirsty. The Life Straw drinking bottles with an integrated filter system provide a remedy here. The filter system eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, 99.99% of parasites and 99.99% of microplastics, turning every water point into a refill station.

A stainless steel bottle from Life Straw is not only ecologically sensible, but also socially. Because for every Life Straw product sold, a needy child receives clean drinking water for a whole school year.

LiveStraw drinking bottle with integrated water filter

Fjällräven Tree-Kånken

Fjällräven's Tree-Kånken breaks new ground because it is made from Swedish spruce and pine. The result is a cool backpack in which a sustainable cellulose yarn has been incorporated, which is then woven into a unique fabric. A small step on the way to a more bio-based society. If you are looking for a backpack with which you do not look like you are about to go on an alpine tour in everyday life, then the Tree Kranken is the right one for you.

Tree-Kånken backpack by Fjällräven

Carrots for Power T-Shirt by Alexander Megos

If you can't manage to eat so many carrots and climb so hard that your t-shirt turns yellow, you still don't have to do without wearing it. You can order a Carrots for Power T-shirt at Cafe Kraft. The unusual shirt was created in collaboration with Alexander Megos.

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