The young South Tyrolean alpinist Jonas Hainz manages the free solo ascent of Moulin Rouge (400m, 7b) in the Croda Rossa. The line through the imposing and overhanging wall in the Rosengarten group was set up 20 years ago by his father Christoph Hainz together with Oswald Celva.

Jonas Hainz follows in his father's footsteps Christoph Hainz and climbed its route Moulin Rouge (400m, 7b) in the Rotawand rope-free solo in just one hour and five minutes. Christoph Hainz, known for his numerous first ascents on rock and ice, shared the line 20 years ago Oswald Celva eingerichtet.

Jonas Hainz free solo in Moulin Rouge

Significant solo effort

With his free solo, Jonas Hainz managed one of the most important unsecured solo attempts in the Dolomites in recent years. wrote in 2002 Alexander Huber story when he die Hasse/Brandler (580m, 8+) ascent without rope. Five years later, a murmur went through the climbing scene when Hansjörg Auer the route Way through the fish (800m, 9-), climbed free solo. In 2017, the Tyrolean conquered three Dolomite routes in one day without a rope: Vinatzer / Messner (800m, 6+), Abramkante (500m, 7-) and Great Wall (300m, 7-).

Hanjörg Auer climbs the way through the fish free solo

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Credits: Cover picture Luke Kahn