Austrian alpinist Hansjörg Auer climbs 3 summit in the Dolomites on one day free solo. With a light paraglider he laid the path between the routes Vinatzer / Messner (800m / UIAA 6 +), Abramkante (500m / UIAA 7-) and Great Wall (300m / UIAA 7-) back.

At least since the free solo on the classic Dolomites route The path through the fish (37 SL, 7b +) one knows the name Hansjörg Auer. Last summer, Hans Solo went one better and made his long-cherished dream come true. He climbs three peaks in the Dolomites in one day, free solo.

GoPro footage of the Free Solo ascent by Hansjörg Auer

So that even ordinary mortals can recreate ansatzweise what Hansjörg has done, brings us the alpinist with some video footage. Sweaty fingers guaranteed.

Credits: picture Matteo Vettorel



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