The climbing sectors in the German Danube Valley are threatened with closure. The IG Climbing Donautal / Zollernalb eV is addressing the climbing scene with an appeal.

The appeal of the IG Climbing Donautal / Zollernalb eV

Dear climbers and nature lovers,

Like last year, this year too, an increased number of visitors to the Danube Valley is noticeable, certainly due to the current Corona situation. The number of climbers in the valley has also increased.

For some time now, representatives of the nature conservation authority have increasingly noticed violations that have now reached an unacceptable level. If further violations are reported by the authorities, there is a risk of the Danube valley being closed.

Therefore, as an IG board member, but also as a passionate climber, I address everyone who shares my passion and wants to climb in the Danube Valley for longer with the following appeal:

  • No wild camping! If wild camping is not neglected, further measures, including with state authority, cannot be ruled out. I strongly advise against multi-day activities in the Danube Valley for the given reason!
  • No climbing on blocked rock areas!
  • I ask for a sensitive approach to and in nature. Increased disturbance of the breeding birds was observed.
  • Please stick to the access routes and paths to the rocks.
  • Use the designated parking spaces. The Hausen rocks in particular are heavily frequented. If possible, park at the bottom of the mini golf.
  • What should go without saying: Please take your rubbish back home with you and leave the rock as you found it. No stepping on the rock head!

In the interests of all of us, I ask you to be considerate. Take care of yourself and stay healthy during this crazy time!

The board

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Credits: picture and text IG Climbing Donautal / Zollernalb eV