In anticipation of the Olympics, we are approaching the discipline of speed climbing in a self-experiment in the 12th edition of the BETA program and challenge you to a duel: Who can beat our best time? The top five win a pair of Unparallel climbing shoes of their choice.

The BETA news show is presented by Bächli Bergsport and Mammut

Speed ​​climbing is considered an exotic discipline or even a "side note" to the Olympic Climbing competitions. But is that really the case? We show how speed climbing works, how the route was created and - we dare to try it ourselves. We have set up three speed times and are launching the Action Talk Speed ​​Climbing League.

We challenge YOU: Try to beat your best time and send the video evidence to [email protected] The five best participants win a pair of climbing shoes from unparallel of your choice. The closing date for entries is Monday, August 23, 2021, 12.00:XNUMX p.m.

Action Talk BETA / Episode 12 / This is how speed climbing / Lorüns climbing area is in danger

Further topics of the 12th edition of BETA are:

  • What is sport climbing? This question is certainly present in the lay audience at the Olympics. The IFSC lets Alex Honnold answer. Since then, everyone has been thinking: whoever survives the climbing competitions becomes an Olympic champion
  • The Lorüns climbing area is in danger. The possible expansion of a nearby quarry could mean that one day climbing will have to give way to excavators.

Climbing finches of the competition athletes

The Climbing Shoe Solution by La Sportiva is a classic among climbing finches. For some time now, the Solution has been joined by its counterpart to the hall: The Solution Comp. The model is specially designed for competitions. The Solution Comp is a little softer than the basic model. Above all, this allows acrobatic exercises on modern bouldering. Exactly what Petra Klingler and co Tokyo will expect.

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