The popular climbing area beggar kitchen has to deal with parking and waste problems, which led to conflicts. The interest group climbing Jurasüdfuss therefore asks to refrain from climbing on weekends in the parking lot sector.

The sport climbing area Bettlerküche is one of the most popular areas at the southern foot of the Jura. During the corona lockdown, the area was heavily overused, according to IG Klettern Jurasüdfuss. A lot of rubbish was left behind and driving and parking bans were ignored. In consultation with the communities of Attiswil and Farnern as well as their civic communities and the Berggasthof Vordere Schmiedenmatt, the interest group makes the following recommendation and asks that you comply.

The IG Klettern Jurasüdfuss recommends that you refrain from climbing in the “parking lot” sector on Saturday and Sunday until May 31, 2021.

The reason for the “climbing ban”, according to IG Klettern Jurasüdfuss, is that climbing and the material display regulations mean that fewer parking spaces are available for visitors. These, in turn, parked on agricultural land and private land, which led to damage to the vegetation and great annoyance for the owners.

Threatened to remove bolts

As a local climber reports to LACRUX, an angry gentleman has even threatened to remove the bolts if the situation does not improve. Therefore: Please refrain from using the parking area until May 31, 2021 and follow the recommendations of IG Kl climb Jurasüdfuss.

Recommendations for the beggar kitchen climbing area

  • Use the official parking lots.
  • Take waste back with you. 
  • Cover excrement and toilet paper, better bury.
  • Use the existing fireplaces and the Forest fire risk . note
  • Wild camping is not allowed. The communities of Farnern, Attiswil and Rumisberg are working on the legal basis for a camping ban.

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Credits: picture swisstopo, text IG climbing Jura south foot