Jacopo Larcher and Babsi Zangerl are currently communicating on a weekly basis the ascent of a multi-pitch route. In Switzerland, the two climbed Headless Children, in their backyard it was the tour Zeit zum Atmen. Jacopo, for his part, got the ascent of the Rätikon classic Silbergeier.

Climbing conditions were very good at the end of August and especially in September. Babsi and Jacopo took advantage of that and did one multi-pitched trip after the other.

Barbara in one of the key points of the route time to breathe. (Picture Stefan Kürzi)

Ascent of Silbergeier and Zeit zum Atmen

The wave of initiation for Jacopo began with Silbergeier (8b +, 185m) in Rätikon, Jacopo accompanied his partner Babsi in the year 2013 when she sent the route and also supported Siebe Vanhee a few weeks ago, checked out as this silver vulture. For his own ascent Jacopo then returned with the Vorarlberger young talent Nemuel Feurle .

"Silbergeier is a milestone that I've always wanted to climb"

Jacopo Larcher

In the same week Jacopo, this time together with Babsi, took the redpoint ascent of the lesser-known multi-pitch route Zeit zum Atmen (8b / +, 250m / Top) on the Rote Wand in the Vorarlberg Lechquellengebirge.

“I am super happy to have climbed this beautiful line. Jacopo and I had a great time on the wall. Thank you Pio Jutz [first climber] for the vision. "

Babsi Zangerl on the route time to breathe

The route was first opened in the year 2001 by Pio Jutz. The first redpoint ascent secured Jörg Andreas on 13. September 2006 together with Armin Buchroithner.

Last highlight: Ascent of Headless Children in Rätikon

The most recent ascent of the two climbers was the multipitch route Headless Children (XNUMXb, XNUMXm) in Rätikon. The route is characterized by its tricky slab passages and a spectacular roof in the crux pitch. The route was first climbed in the years XNUMX to XNUMX by Marco Müller, Koni Mathis and Rüdisser Bruno (Topo).

Kilian Fischhuber during his ascent of Headless Children

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Credits: pictures Stefan Kiitzi