Jakob Schubert reports a success from the Italian sport climbing area Arco, where he was able to climb the route Erebor (9b) red dot.

Climbing again Jakob Schubert in the ninth French degree, even in the upper range, namely a 9b. He drove twice to Arco until it worked through one of the most difficult lines in Italy: Erebor.

“Such a cool line by Stefano Ghisolfi. I love these trips to Arco! "

Jacob Schuber

On his second trip to bow In the meantime, Schubert threw a kick through the bill. On one promising attempt, he broke a decent chunk of rock on a heel hook, followed by a fall.

"Fortunately, I found a new solution for the sequence and was able to climb Erebor on the next attempt."

Jakob Schubert

Route of Records

The Erebor route was created by Stefano Ghisolfi on January 11, 2021 and was then the most difficult route in Italy with a rating of 9b/+. The route led to a superlative a few months later when it was inspected Laura Rogora. She was the first woman ever to climb a line with this level of difficulty.

In November, however, there was a second repetition Adam Ondra, who devalued Erebor to 9b, putting Laura Rogora's record into perspective. 9b the Austrian climbed in front of her Angy Eiter and the French woman Julia Chanourdie. Despite the devaluation to 9b, Rogora still holds a record: she is the only woman to combine two 9b routes in her tick list.

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Credits: Cover picture Jakob Schubert