James Pearson manages the fourth iteration of the trad route Lexicon (E11, 7a) in the Lake District. To add spice to his ascent, he entered the Trad line, which is not only one of the most difficult in England but also in the world, without first checking out in the top rope.

With Lexicon (E11, 7A). Neil Gresham gifted the climbing world with a bold high-end trad route on September 4, 2021. have to date Steve mcclure, Dave MacLeod and Mat Wright accepted the challenge and the line im Lake district successfully passed. The fifth ascent is allowed James Pearson book for yourself. The special thing about his ascent: he climbed the line without first bouldering it out in the top rope. Only when abseiling did he look at the handles and safety options.

James Pearson on his Flash attempt in Lexicon

"I haven't done every single hard trad route in England, but Lexicon definitely ranks among the best hard lines here."

James Pearson

Lexicon and Rhapsody compared

The route, also rated E11, 7a Rhapsody is also really good, thinks James Pearson. However, the climbing is not as pure as in Lexicon. "The fact that falls in Rhapsody have almost no consequences just means it's a simpler experience that you can enjoy a little bit more."

James Pearson Lexicon gear
James Pearson used these mobile belay devices to secure the Lexicon route (E11, 7a) in the Lake District.

James Pearson classified potential falls in Lexicon as safe enough for himself. "I think it's just about on the line between okay and not okay. I don't think you would injure yourself massively, but a broken ankle is definitely a possibility."

To get a feel for the dimensions of a fall in Lexicon's crux, we recommend watching the following video by Steve McClure.

"It's not a death route by any means, but don't underestimate the danger. Just because I managed to climb them without checking them out top-rope doesn't mean I think they're 100% safe.

James Pearson

Video: Dave MacLeod on his inspection of Lexicon

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Credits: Cover photo James Pearson